Our mission is to provide a rich and entertaining media experience on mobile devices for our users.

We are the creator of the Fish Bowl Photo Apps for Android Devices.

Fish Bowl Photo Gallery is an award-winning Photo & Video Organizer with many powerful & original features integrated into 1 beautiful, easy-to-use App. Our App gives you the control to turn your phone & tablet instantly into a smart personal album. You can use it to organize, share, edit, and lock your private pictures & videos taken with your device or copied from a computer or digital camera. You can also use it to play slideshow, set wallpaper, and compare multiple photos.  
Fish Bowl Photo Guard is a powerful photo viewer & organizer with password protection that stores your files safely on your device. Unlike many other photos app, Photo Guard does not sync/upload your files in the background. Photo Guard includes special features that are not available in the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery.  

Fish Bowl Photo Apps are designed exclusively for Android. It pioneered many original features not found on other devices like the iPhone and iPad. It also saves you the trouble of installing and paying for multiple Apps by integrating many common photo and video features. Use it as a replacement or a supplement to your existing photo and video Apps.

Choose how you'd like to use this app. For example:
  • Instant access to all photos & videos in 1 Photostream.
  • Share, organize, browse, compare, hide, rotate, crop, shuffle, and resize thousands of photos.
  • Protect private photos/videos from malicious users and apps
  • Group photos into personal albums with cover.
  • Add notes to your photos & albums
  • Save bandwidth cost by sharing resized photos.
  • Make Wallpaper fit better.
  • Rotate & save pictures taken vertically.
  • Compare pictures side-by-side.
  • Turn your device into a digital photo frame.
  • Hide/delete unwanted pictures.
  • Bored? Shuffle your albums!
  • Show off how you can flip and fling photos & albums without having to go back and forth across multiple screens.
  • View photos in high resolution.
  • Find & add missing photos/videos to the Gallery.
  • And More.... !
Compatible with Android version up to Jelly Bean v4.3.  Not compatible Kit Kat or later versions of Android.

Very Good!
4 Stars

To try the free version on the Google Play, click on this link or scan the QR Code on this page from any device running the Google Android OS.

Recent News
  • Jun'14 - Android Kit Kat (v4.4) Warning!!  Due to file permission policy changes that we cannot control, Fish Bowl Photo Apps will no longer have adequate permission to work properly on Kit Kat or newer versions of Android.  Please do not upgrade to Kit Kat (v4.4) if you plan to continue to use Fish Bowl Photo Apps. If you plan to upgrade, move all photos out of the Locker and backup all your photos first!
  • Jul'13 R-0.3.10 - Photo Guard Jul 4 SALE!  New Features: choose size of photo on-the-flying while sharing, single tap multi-select, keep screen on while viewing photo, improved Locker, and various enhancements.

Fish Bowl Photo Gallery (0.3.10)

Features in the Latest Release

Special Features
Available In: Fish Bowl Photo Guard, NOOK® HD, HD+, Color, Tablet
  • Protect Locker with password ENHANCED
  • Up to 4-points multi-touch ENHANCED
  • Multi-touch rotate ENHANCED
  • Multi-touch zoom 
  • Higher Image Quality
  • Hide Fish Bowl Icon
  • Option to remember Fish Bowl View, Shuffle & 32-bit Color mode
  • Compare up to 6 photos at once
  • Remove text "Shared with Fish Bowl App" while sharing files
Organization, Share & Edit
  • Supports move to removable storage e.g. SD Card NEW
  • Share resized photos to save bandwidth $ ENHANCED
  • Rotate, resize, crop with 3 output quality ENHANCED
  • Move, delete, hide, sort, create folders
  • Annotate photos, videos & albums 
  • Rectangle & circle crop with face detection
  • Delete Guard keeps your files safe
  • View Trash & Undelete files
  • Up to 3 favorite albums shortcuts 
  • Custom fit Wallpaper with 3 scaling & 3 output quality settings
  • Share via Email, IM, Facebook, Picasa, Bluetooth and more* 
  • Automated multi-file sharing with apps that only support 1 file (e.g. Facebook, Flickr, Google Goggles, etc.) 
  • Hide sub-folders (e.g. album art, book covers)
  • Pick & Reset Album Cover
  • Files & albums will remain intact after un-install
* Depends on features supported by your device, may required installation of apps e.g. Picasa uploader, facebook app.

Viewer & Media Finder
  • Auto scan for new photo with Reload Grid NEW
  • Save new photo to Gallery NEW
  • Auto-rotate using EXIF data NEW
  • View image and meta-data together with data overlay ENHANCED
  • Photostream shows all Photos & Videos at once
  • Compare images side by side (up to 4)
  • Flip through photos & folders simultaneously
  • 3 image quality setting
  • Fisheye View reduces scrolling
  • Shuffle photos (up to 5000 photos)
  • Album Title Search
  • Full screen auto rotate
  • Show data of geo-tagged photos
  • Lock image position while rotating device
  • File browser to find photos
  • Add missing files to the Gallery
  • Protect private photos/videos from prying eyes and malicious app
  • Bulk import and export
  • Lock sub-folders
  • Seamless integration with most view & organization features
  • Locked Files & albums will remain intact after un-install
Gestures (while in Grid)
  • Single tap photo to open context menu NEW
  • Long press to open menu 
  • Gesture sensitivity options
  • Touch image corner and edges to rotate & zoom
  • Touch image center to pan
  • Horizontal swipe to flip albums
  • Diagonal swipe to see mini album listing
Slideshow Player
  • Configurable speed 
  • Shuffle, Pause & Speed settings 
  • Single or Multi photo animation
  • Shows photos from single album or the PhotoStream
  • Interact with photos
  • Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich support NEW
  • Store photos & files on Removable/SD Media 
  • Optimized for HD screens (XHDPI) 
  • Hardware Acceleration 
  • In-App Help Guide
  • Save to SD Card
  • Read files from Internal Storage
  • Start Android Media Scanner
  • Battery Saver cuts power use by 50%
  • Sailfish boosts speed by up to 700%