Power Browsing  
  • Compare photos - Open one or more photos to compare them side by side.    
  • Zoom & Rotate Gestures - Touch & drag any edges of a photo to zoom in/out; any corners to rotate & zoom; center region of image to move/pan. Turn them off or reduce touch sensitivity in "Settings" > "Touch Interaction" if you find them getting in your way.
  • Flip Photos - To quickly browse to the next or previous photo, fling a photo off screen by swiping your finger horizontally across the photo from right to left (or vice versa) in one "quick" motion.
  • Flip Albums - To quickly switch to the next or previous album, swipe your finger horizontally across the screen.
  • Mini Gallery - Allows you to see albums in the Grid. Touch the "Search" key or swipe your finger diagonally across the screen to load it.
  • Fisheye View - Shows large number of micro thumbnails on 1 screen to cut down scrolling when you have lots of photos.  To enter this mode, go to "Menu" > "Advanced". It will remain ON until you restart the App.
  • Shuffle Photos - In the Grid, touch "Menu" > "Actions" > "Shuffle" if you want the App to show photos in Album & Slideshow in random order.
  • Auto Rotate - (If device has sensors) By default, your photos will stay in position to let you see your photo in a different orientation by physically rotate your device. Turn this feature off in "Settings" > "Display".
  • Multi-show - To play a Slideshow that displays multiple photos simultaneously like a digital photo frame, touch "Menu" > "Multi-show" while playing the normal Slideshow.
  • View Image Details - To see detailed image data such as title, date taken, etc.  Open a photo, then go to "Menu" > "Actions" > "Details".
  • Data Overlay - To always show a subset of image details on screen when you flip through photos.  Turn on "Settings" > "Display" > "Show Data Overlay".
  • Dim the Grid - If you find the Grid in the background to be too distracting while viewing photo, increase the dim amount in "Settings" > "Display" > "Amount to Dim".