Getting Started 

This section provides basic instructions to help you with performing simple operations using the Fish Bowl Photo App. These instructions are important building blocks to learn about many additional features that our App provides.
  • Main Menu - To open the main menu, touch the "Menu" key / icon on your device. While in the Grid, long press on a photo or the Fish Bowl Icon.
  • Multi Select (Thumbnail) - Long press on a thumbnail to turn on multi-select mode, then tap a thumbnail to add it to the selection. Then open the main menu to pick an action to perform on the selection.
  • Multi Select (Photo) -  While viewing photo, single tap on the photo to open the context menu and select "Add to Selection". Then open the main menu to pick an action to perform on the selection.
  • Album Listing - Default screen that shows all media folders found.  Touch the Album's thumbnail to see photos/videos within it in the Grid.
  • The Grid - Displays thumbnails of all photos & videos within a folder.  Hit the "Back" key to return to Album Listing.   
  • Photostream - Shows thumbnails of all media files found on your device, sorted by date to give you quick access to them.  The Photostream is NOT a folder; therefore, if you delete a file, it\'ll be removed from both the Photostream and the folder.
  • View Photo/Video - Touch any thumbnail in the Grid as thumbnails.    
  • Close a Photo - Slowly double tap any open photo to close it.
  • Create Album - Fish Bowl Photo creates a new album and move photos into it in 1 step. First, select one or more photos, then touch "Menu" > "Actions" > "Move".  Enter a new album name. Touch "Go".
  • Sharing - Open any photo/video.  Go to "Menu" > "Actions" > "Share".  Then choose a method to share it with, e.g. via Email, IM, etc.
  • Resize & Share - Change the file size of the photo before sharing to save time by choosing a resolution in "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Shared Photo Quality". Choose "Ask Every Time" to pick a different resolution every time.
  • Power Sharing - Allows you to see more sharing choices while sharing multiple files when regular Sharing doesn't work.  Multi-select files you want to share, then touch "Menu" > "Actions" > "Power Share".     
  • Set Wallpaper - Use this App to crop and set high quality Wallpaper.  First open a photo and go to touch "Menu" > "Actions" > "Set as Wallpaper".  Then, experiment with different methods to scale & position the cropped photo on your home screen.  To change output quality of Wallpaper, go to "Settings" > "Advanced".
  • Access Camera - (If device has camera) To access the device camera, touch one of many camera icons on screen.
  • Start in Album Listing or Grid - Choose to show the Grid as the default start-up screen instead of the Album Listing, or vice versa, in "Settings" > "System" > "Startup Screen".