Protecting your Files with the Locker  

To protect your photos from prying eyes and malicious Apps, move photos into the Locker. Once files are in the Locker, you may only access them using Fish Bowl Photo. You may freely move files out of the Locker if you need to restore normal access to these files.
  • Open the Locker - This is the first step to move files into and out of the Locker. Touch "Menu" > "Actions" > "Open Locker". Enter the password if required. The Locker will remain open until your restart the App. 
  • Lock Albums - After opening the Locker, touch and hold one or more Albums. Then touch "Menu" > "Actions" > "Hide". Select "In Locker" to move them into the Locker.
  • Lock Files - First organize your files into albums. Then follow instructions above to Lock these albums. 
  • View Locked Files & Albums - Open the Locker. Locked albums, marked with a RED icon, will appear in the album listing.
  • Unlock Albums - To move albums out of the Locker, first Open the Locker. Then touch and hold one or more locked albums to select them. Touch "Menu" > "Actions" > "Unhide".
  • Unlock Files - To move files out of the Locker, first Open the Locker. Then touch any locked album to open it. Multi-select one or more files, touch "Menu" > "Actions" > "Move" to move them out to a new or existing album.
  • Adding Password - This feature is available in Fish Bowl Photo Guard and NOOK devices. To add or change password, go to "Menu" > "Settings" > "Locker".