Recover Deleted Files from the Trash

Recover Deleted Files from the Trash

Question: I accidentally deleted some files, how do I recover them from the Trash?  

In Fishbowl v0.3.1 or above

Use the View Trash and Undelete feature to recover files from the Trash:

In Fishbowl v1.1 to v0.3.0

To recover files from the trash, connect your device to a computer to view files stored on your device.  Then, navigate to the Trash folder on your device and copy the files back to another folder.  The trash folder is typically located at "/mnt/sdcard/FishBowlPhoto/.trash".  When you are done, disconnect your device from the computer.  Your photos / videos should appear in the Gallery within 15 minutes while Android re-discover these photos & videos.

If they don't appear in 15 mins, that usually means that your device doesn't automatically ask Android to re-discover files.  In this case, turning off your device, then turn it back on will force Android to do that.  Give Android another 15 minutes.The trash folder may also be located at the following locations, depending on your device:



Question: How do I recover files after I emptied the trash?

Emptying the trash (v0.1.11+), or deleting files in the App (v0.1.10 or before) will permanently remove files from your device's file system.  It's not possible to recover these files without using a data recovery tool, and there is no guarantee.  To increase the success rate of recovering permanently deleted files, we recommend that you IMMEDIATELY STOP USING YOUR DEVICE.  There are many data recovery tools available in store and online.  Take your time to research the right undelete tool.  Then follow instructions of these tools to recover your files.