Find or Remove Missing Photos or Videos

Find or Remove Missing Photos or Videos

Question: The App does not show all photos & videos on my device.  How to fix that? 

Try one or more of the following solutions:

1) Restart the device

Most Android devices will automatically scan your device and SD card for new photos & videos added or downloaded. How soon that occurs depends on your device. It may take up to a few mins to a few days on some device. If you device failed to show new photos & videos added, simply power the device off and then back on again. Give it 15 mins to scan for new photos/videos before restarting the App.

2) Trigger File Scanning Manually

The App has the ability to force a photo & video scan on certain devices:

3) Reload the Page

An out-of-date cache may be causing this problem. To refresh the cache:

4) Re-mount the SD Card

This will force Android to re-scan the SD card and refresh / clean-up the internal photo & video databases.  

Check your device's owners manual for specific instructions on how to mount your device as a Disk.  See below for generic instructions on how to do that:

5) Turn on Internal Storage

Some devices store files on the phone storage instead of a removable media like a SD Card.  If you have one of these devices, turning on Menu > Settings > Systems > Internal Storage will force our app to find photos & videos stored in the Internal storage.  

6) Use Fishbowl Media Finder  

The App has a built in file browser that allows you to find & add photos / videos to the Gallery.

Question: My album shows a few black area with a triangle instead of a thumbnail, how do I remove them? 

A black area with a triangle means that the thumbnail is still present but the original photo/video was moved or deleted. This is usually caused by stale Android photo database entries.  You'll likely experience this problem if you have moved or renamed photos directly from a computer, or have used other Photo Apps that don't update the Android photo database correctly.  Luckily, Android will usually fix this problem automatically by itself but on some devices, this can take days.  You can force Android to clean up the photo database by re-mounting the SD Card (see instructions above), or by invoking the action Menu > Advanced > Start Media Scanner, from within our App. Then restart your device and give it 10-15 minutes to refresh the database.