Advanced Features 

For Advanced Users Only. This section provides instructions to optimize settings on your device.
  • Image Quality - To change the resolution of photos and wallpaper, go to "Settings" and pick the desired resolution.  Warning: your device may not be able to support high resolution images.
  • Battery Saver - Trade performance for lower power consumption (up to half the usage) by choosing a more aggressive battery saver mode in "Settings".
  • Max Color - Photos will look & blend in better in this mode.  App will run slower and out of memory more often.  Touch "Menu" > "Advanced" > "Max Color" to activate.  App will also save photo with more colors.
  • No Video - If you do not want to see Videos, uncheck "Show Videos" in "Settings".
  • Internal Storage - Each device manufacturer implements internal storage differently; therefore this feature may not work on all phones.  By turning this on in "settings", this App will also read and display files stored on internal storage just like files on SD Card or USB Storage.
  • Clear Cache - If you are running low on storage space, or switched to a new device, clear the old cache by touching  "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Clear Cache".
  • Find Photos (Auto) - Touch "Menu" > "Advanced" > "Reload Grid" will force the App to scan the current album and add new files to this App automatically.
  • Find Photos (Manual) - Use the integrated Media Finder to find and add files to this App manually. Touch "Menu" > "Advanced" > "Find Missing Photos". See the help guide in the Media Finder for more details.
  • Always use Removable Media - This option is available on some devices to force the App to always use the removable media directory (e.g. SD card) for storing photos & system files. IMPORTANT: Before enabling this option, you must first unhide all locked photos in the Locker otherwise you won't be able to retrieve them later. In addition, move all files & directories, including hidden ones, within the "FishBowlPhoto" directory to the removable storage media first if you are turning this option on; to the phone storage if you are turning this off. After that, enable "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Use Removable Storage".

  • Removable Media Directory - This option is only enabled on some devices to change the removable storage directory if it is incorrect.