Lost Photos
Question: I can no longer find some photos that I was able to see. How do I recover them?  

Fish Bowl Photo Apps can only display photos and videos that the Android OS allows it to. These are a list of potential causes and solution:
  • No Permission - The OS or other Apps moved your files to a location that cannot be accessed.  Some Apps can also hide photos & videos to make them inaccessible. If this is not intentional, you can move these file back to a location on your storage media that doesn't require special permission to access.
Kit Kat 4.4 - Due to changes to file permission policy and SD card functionality, Fish Bowl Photo Apps will not longer function correctly on 4.4. or newer versions of Android. This is beyond our control.  Please take this into consideration before performing an OS update. If you have already updated to Kit Kat, the Android community has offered workarounds. [Reference: ibtimes]
  • OS Media Database Corruption - The Android OS uses this database to store a list of photos and videos. If this database is corrupted, which could happen due to hardware or software issues e.g. failed system update. See this article for instructions on how to recover missing photos & videos. 
  • Bad Storage Media - The internal storage media and SD cards have a limited lifetime and it is not uncommon for them to fail. Always backup your files regularly.  There are many data recovery tools available in store and online designed to recover files in this situation.  Take your time to research the right data recovery tool.  Then follow instructions of these tools to recover your files.

Question: I moved some photos to the Locker but they disappeared after I close the App. How do I access them again?

The Locker will automatically re-lock all files when the App closes. To access your files in the Locker next time you use the App, follow instructions to open the Locker.