Locking & Unlocking Albums
Question: What are the differences between Hiding and Locking?

Hiding an album will exclude it from the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery only. A hidden album is still visible outside of the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery and can be accessed by other Apps e.g. a Photo Editor, Stock Gallery, etc. Hiding an album is useful if you want to exclude certain albums, e.g. a system folder or album art folder. 

To make hidden album visible again, go to Menu > Actions > Unhide All (temporary), select one or more album to unhide, then perform the Action - Menu > Actions > Unhide.

Locking an album will move it into a Locker. You can only access the Locker using the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery. A locked album will not be visible outside of the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery. That means you cannot share it, edit it, etc. from another App. This is useful if you want to prevent other users or Apps from seeing your personal albums, e.g. prevent an App from uploading your pictures online in the background or your friends from seeing your personal pictures.

To move locked album out of the Locker, go to Menu > Actions > Open Locker, select one or more locked album to move, then perform the Action - Menu > Actions > Unhide.

Question: What happens to Locked Albums if I un-install the App?

All locked albums, photos and videos will remain in the Locker if you un-install the App. You may gain access to them again and move them out of the Locker by re-installing the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery.

Question: How do I add a password to the Locker?

If you have a version of the App that supports Locker password, you will be able to add a password to the Locker to prevent unauthorized access to the Locker. To add a password:
  • Go to Settings > Locker > Add / Change Password.
  • Enter a password
  • Enter a security question and answer. WARNING: If you lost both your password and answer, you will not be able to access the Locker again.
  • Click OK

Question: I forgot my password!

To reset the password, you must remember the answer to the security question that you created when you first added the password to the Locker:
  • Go to Settings > Locker > Reset Password.
  • Enter the answer to your Security Question.
  • Enter a new password.
  • Click OK.

Question: Will the Locker preserve the tree structure of my sub-folders?

No. If you choose to the option to "Include Subfolders" when you lock an Album, the tree hierarchy of the Album & sub-folders will be flattened. It will remain flatten when you move these folders out of the Locker.