Install, Uninstall, New Device

Question: How do I re-install the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery on my existing or new device?  

As long as you retain all files within the Fish Bowl Photo data directory (typically <storage path>/FishBowlPhoto/), then the App will remember the following settings when you switch to a new device or perform a re-install on the same device.
  • New Folders created & photos/videos stored in the Fish Bowl directory
  • Albums & photos/videos in the Locker 
  • Locker password, security question & answer
  • Album & Photo Title & Description
  • Photo / Videos that were moved to the Trash
  • Any resized, cropped, or edited photos
The App will NOT remember the following settings:
  • Albums & photo/videos not stored in the Fish Bowl directory
  • All Menu > Settings will revert to default values
  • Hidden folders - you'll have to hide them again
  • Images set as album cover
  • Favorites
  • Cache files - thumbnails will load slowly next time while they are being recreated
To re-install the App on an existing device, simply:
  • Download & install the App from Google Play
To install the App on a new device:
  • Download & install the App from Google Play
  • Transfer the Fish Bowl Photo directory (.../FishBowlPhoto) on your old device to the new device by using one of the following methods:
    • Removing the SD card from the old device and insert it into the new device. This will work only on devices that use the SD card as the default storage directory. However, not all devices do this. For example, Samsung Galaxy S2 doesn't. It stores all files on the phone's storage by default instead.
    • If the above method doesn't work, it is necessary to copy files from the old device to the new device.
    • IMPORTANT: Before copying files, configure your computer to show hidden files & directories:
    • Copy all files & sub-directories, including hidden ones, from the "FishBowlPhoto" directory on your old device (or SD card) to the new device (or a new SD Card). The location of this directory varies by device but is typically located at: /mnt/sdcard/FishBowlPhoto or /storage/sdcard/FishBowlPhoto. Contact your device manufacturer for details.
    • Copy all photos/videos from other directories where you stored them (e.g. camera folder) to the new device (or new SD card).
  • Delete all cache files under in the directory <storage path>/FishBowlPhoto/.cache
  • Similarly, transfer all photos & videos outside of the Fish Bowl Photo Directory on your old device to the new device. Details on how to do this is beyond our expertise because device stores file differently. Common locations to check include:
    • .../DCIM
    • .../Camera
    • .../My Pictures
    • .../My Videos
  • Restart your device.  Wait ~15 mins after that to give Android some time to rescan your photos.
  • Start the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery.  It will run more slowly the first time (only) to recreate thumbnail & cache files.

Question: How to fix "Unknown Reason 18" error while downloading or installing the App?

This problem is usually caused by trying to download and install the App onto the SD card or USB storage.  There are a number of ways to resolve this problem.  Your mileage may vary depending on the device you have.  

Solution 1) Unmount the SD card or USB storage.  Then download and install the App before Remounting the SD card/USB storage.

Solution 2) Move the App back to the Phone Storage.  Then download and install the App before moving the App back to SD/USB storage.

Solution 3) Unmount the SD card or USB storage while connected to a computer.  Delete the file /mnt/sdcard/.android_secure/smd12tmp1.asec.  Remount the SD/USB storage.  Then download and install the App again.

Question: How do I cleanly uninstall the Fish Bowl Photo Gallery, while keeping my photos & videos?  

WARNING: DO NOT delete any other directories under /mnt/sdcard/FishBowlPhoto/ other than those described below unless you are absolutely sure they don't contain photos that you want to keep.  

Follow these steps to cleanly uninstall Fishbowl Photo Gallery from your device:
  1. IMPORTANT: Move all your photos and videos out of the Locker first. Otherwise you will lose access to them until you re-install the App. 
  2. Uninstall the App from your device.  You can usually do this from your device's Settings > Applications > Manage Applications menu.  Check the user's manual for instructions specific to your device.
  3. Connect your device to a computer.
  4. Delete the cache directory: /mnt/sdcard/FishBowlPhoto/.cache
  5. Delete the data directory: /mnt/sdcard/FishBowlPhoto/.data
  6. Delete the trash directory: /mnt/sdcard/FishBowlPhoto/.trash